Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A healthy life, a happy life. A happy life, a healthy life...

As simple as that !

But what is health, this mysterious state of balance between the negative and the positive forces inside ourselves?
In our modern civilization, the concept of health becomes larger and larger: not only the physical health, but also the energetic health, the psychic and emotional health, and also the spiritual health…modern medicine uses expensive and sophisticated instruments and techniques, new medicaments are produced in great numbers, but has our global health, body, mind and spirit, really improved?

- How do we struggle with our daily stress at home and at work?
- How do we maintain a balanced life, ie a balanced health, in our modern civilization?

On one hand, our material life seems easier but on the other hand, our energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual life is probably more complicated than in the past.

Such is the challenge that we try to address with some of our therapeutic solutions, such as one hour treatment sessions, residential programs, workshops, books, and healing tours to the Philippines and other asean countries.

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