.........A    SI    FU    A    SI    FU
ASI    KASI    FU    ASI    KASI    KASI    FU
FU    FU    ASI    FU    FU    ASI    FU
FU    FU    ASI    KASI    KASI    FU...........

(Energy mantra)

ASIFU (ASIan Fusion manual therapy) is a therapeutic combination of chinese acupressure and thai yoga massage developed by the Heilpraktiker Dominique Bourlet during his long stays in Asia.

ASIFU's goal is to promote a pain or a discomfort reduction in different regions of the body.
If the patient feels that the origin of the pain is more than 30% or 40% "psychic" or "psychological", after the ASIFU one hour session, a "HAPPY HEALING" session is recommended. It allows the patient to shift the usual frustrated emotional attitude towards the Body Part at pain or at discomfort or dysfunctioning into a positive and supportive attitude. By so doing, the patient triggers the healing process otherwise inhibited and in many cases the pain, the psychosomatic pain, vanishes or significantly decreases.

The 12 positions listed hereunder are implemented depending on the sought after effects.

1.SITTING PACHIMO 1.Sitting crossed-legs or stretched legs 1.Upper back 1.Free breath, all back, arms, neck, heart, stomach
2.SHOULDER PLATEAU 2.Sitting crossed-legs or stretched legs 2.Shoulder’s plateau 2.Shoulders, lungs, neck
3.HEAD 3.Sitting crossed-legs or stretched legs 3.Skull, jaws, around lower ears, face, neck 3.Headache, spine down to coccys, blood pressure, eyes-ears, face neuralgy
4.HIPS 4.Lying on the side 4.Hips, lower back 4.Hips, lower back, thighs
5.HONG KONG WALK 5.Lying on the belly 5.All back, pelvis, back of thighs 5.All back, pelvis, back of thighs, feeling “taller”
6.POLICE 6.Standing up folded arms on a wall 6.All back, sacrum, pelvis 6.All back, pelvis, global energization
7.COMPUTER SYNDROM 7.Sitting crossed-legs or stretched legs 7.Arms, hands 7.Arms and  hands: numbness, “electric current”, loss of finger mobility
8.MIDDLE BACK 8.Sitting crossed-legs or stretched legs 8.Middle back, under shoulder blades 8.Back, middle back, arms, neck, global energization
9.BRAHMAN KNEE 9.Lying on the back 9.Thighs,  calfs, knee 9.Knee mobility, thighs, calves, feet, lumbar region
10.FEET. 10.Lying on the back 10.Feet 10.Feet, whole body (foot reflexology)
11.ABDOMEN 11.Lying on the back 11.Abdomen 11.Abdominal organs,diaphragm, pelvis, lower back
12.MOUTH 12.Lying on the back 12.Inside of mouth, gums, palate 12.Jaws, teeth, face neuralgy, neurological  relaxation