About me

Licensed in Germany as « HEILPRAKTIKER », I am an alternative medicine practitioner specialized in Asian therapies , from India to Japan, and from Vietnam to Bali, and a yoga instructor.

I treat patients during one hour sessions, 5 days residential detox programs, 2 weeks healing tours in the Philippines or Bali.

I also train professional or amateur students in the manual therapy ASIFU during 2 days workshops.

In September 2016, I published an e-book in English on Amazon Kindle :

HAPPY HEALING is the emotional healing method I developed in the last 12 years to treat the psychosomatic dimension of physical pain. Klick on the Book to see a preview.

Happy Healing

Happy Healing on Amazon Kindle

I wrote a book on faith healing and psychic surgery in the Philippines, “Prier avec les guérisseurs philippins”,  published in French by Editions Alphée in November 09.

- Other centers of interest and experience, with an healing impact, are:

Lyrical singing

I wrote a book on the napolitan bel canto "Le Vlac!" and a novel on a new type of opera festival "L'Opera du Nouvel Age"


Under the name of André Bourlet Slavkov I created a horse riding method called "the equestrian mime / le mime équestre" and in my practice as a horse whisperer I created a specific massage procedure for young or difficult horses.