Healing Methods

- How to deal with our diseases and health weak points as patients?

- How to maintain dynamic global health on five levels (physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual)...

- How to discover and to practice those extraordinary ethnic medicines, elaborated during so many centuries, in particular in Asia

All these vital questions have guided the elaboration of our solutions


Manual therapy ASIFUFor my therapeutic sessions, I use the following tools :

- Manual therapy ASIFU

- Yoga oriented Exercises from different countries (India, China, Japan)

  -  Express psychotherapy called HAPPY HEALING, in the line of gestalt-therapy, reducing psychosomatic pains and discomforts

- Happy Hour session creating a feeling of emotional and mental satisfaction

- Energetic meditation

- Spiritual healing in the Philipino and Balinese traditions

  During my ASIFU workshops, I teach 12 positions to treat manually a patient , explaining how to select certain gestures for specific health problems. Participants are professional therapists and also motivated amateurs.

In the residential programs, I combine treatment sessions, training in massage and self massage techniques, colon and liver detox, and personal growth modules.


The healing tours that I organize and guide in the Philippines or in Bali enable the participants to be treated by local successful healers gifted with impressive paranormal powers